Easter - Dir. C.HeavenNezCree Kirby

A Fair Price - Dir. Daniel Dias

Trick or Treat - Dir. Avril Speaks

Who's Your Crush - The Kirby-Clark Media Group

Ferocious - Dir. Eva Minemar

Harambee - Dir. Msaada Nia

Left For God to See - Dir. Ken Morales

Six Weeks - Dir. Michelle Opitz

The Call - Dir. Tiffany Dimanche

Spyware - Dir. Michael Babalola

Lion's Way - Dir. Michael Babalola


We The People, NBC4

It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - EP "Tony Kemp" TBN

It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - EP "Kevin Dedmon" TBN

It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - EP "David Jones" TBN


The Oz Monologues / Glinda - Let Live Theatre, L.A.

Susan-Lori Parks 365 / Fury - Regent Theatre, L.A.

Uncensored Sketch Fest / Bubble - Comedy Central Stage

The Wiz / Glinda - Faison Firehouse Theatre, N.Y.C

Dreamgirls / Deena - Lonnie James Productions, NYC

Cafe Gladys Place / Angel - Pavillion Hall, L.A.

The Truth About Heaven / Myself - Red Room Theatre, NYC

Good Night, Good Morning / Host - Pantheon Theatre, NYC


Dancer | Sampa Mapangala and the Virunga Orchestra, Skirball Center Los Angeles

Choreographer | Fashionistas (LA)

Choreographer | The Gingerbread Girl (LA)

Choreographer | Urban Moments (LA)

Choreographer | The Beatnix

Bringing the words to life, that's the joy of it all!

There's more to the story.

In March , 2010, The Black Music Association and Academy named HeavenNezCree "Best Female Gospel Performer" for her portrayal of the character Angel in the musical stage play Cafe Gladys Place.

Since that date, HeavenNezCree was chosen to have her song, "The Beatitudes" placed on the Give to the Gulf music project and in December 2010 traveled to New Orleans with other artists to help rebuild homes which had been devastated by hurricanes and flooding.

HeavenNezCree directed and choreographed the children's musical "The Storyteller, for which she also wrote the story and music. The Storyteller opened and played at Greenway Court Theatre (LA) in March 2011. In April 2011, her piece, The Beatnix - A Choreopoem, performed at The Original Farmer's Market (LA). Conceived, directed and arranged by HeavenNezCree, in this work she wove together the poetry of Fairfax High School students, presenting a beautiful look at the true meaning of fame (April 2011).

Art is everything to me.

Writer / Director of the Choreopoem "Words Like Rivers"

(June 2011)

Writer / Director / Choreographer - "Urban Moments" Farmer's Market Plaza

(June 2012)

Dancer, "Sampa Mapangala and the Virunga Orchestra" Skirball Cultural Centrer L.A. (July 2012)

Director and Choreographer for "The Gingerbread Girl" written by D.M. Larson, performed at the WEHO Kid's Fair

(April 2013)

Choreographer, "Pandemonium" at Greenway Court Theatre, Los Angeles (May 2013)

Director, "Snow White and the Seven Kachus" written by D.M.Larson, WEHO Kid's Fair (April 2014)

Director, "Rock, Sword, Firecracker!" written by D.M. Larson, WEHO Kid's Fair

(April 2015)

Writer, Producer, Actress, "Trick or Treat: The Halloween Short"

(October 2016)

Writer, Executive Producer, Director, "The Storyteller" film (2022 in production)